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West Hill Potential Annexation Area

(This article outlines the process that has occurred to date by the City of Renton concerning West Hill Annexation.It is reprinted from the City of Renton's website, if you want to be linked to that website just click on the title of this post)

The West Hill is a 1,950-acre area bordering Lake Washington, Seattle, Tukwila, and Renton. Eight neighborhoods make up the area, including Bryn Mawr, Lakeridge, Skyway, Earlington, Campbell Hill, Panorama, Skycrest, and Hill Top. Residents of the West Hill area spent two years working to determine the best path of governance for their community. The citizen-driven West Hill Governance Task Force determined that annexation to Renton is in the best interest of the community, and in 2005 asked the Renton City Council to include the area in its PAA. In late 2005, the City Council took action to designate the West Hill as part of Renton's Potential Annexation Area. Listed below are documents regarding the inclusion of the West Hill into the City of Renton's Potential Annexation Area.

West Hill Annexation

In late 2008, proponents of annexation submitted a petition to the City. This annexation is being processed as an election annexation.

  • Size - 1,857 acres
  • Estimated Number of Residents - 14,608
  • Estimated Number of Dwelling Units - 5,653

A citizen group pursuing annexation of the West Hill collected voter signatures and submitted a 10% Notice of Intent to commence annexation proceedings petition to the City Council on November 3, 2008. Per state law, the City forwarded the petition to King County elections to determine the validity of signatures, and the petition was deemed sufficient in December 2008. The Renton City Council then had 60 days to approve or reject the petition. The Renton City Council approved the petition on February 2, 2009, and will transmit the petition to the Boundary Review Board in mid-2009, once several factors are known.

The Renton City Council's consideration of the West Hill annexation petition acknowledges that the City faces significant fiscal challenges to provide services to Renton’s remaining large PAAs if annexed. The City is actively analyzing the potential fiscal impact of extending city services to its PAAs, including operating and capital costs. While the City Council approved the petition to keep open the option of annexation, Renton is awaiting action by the State Legislature that could assist in funding part of the projected gap between costs and revenues to serve the area. In addition, the City is starting now to develop a multi-agency partnership that could include the state, county, federal governments, community members, and other partners in a phased, comprehensive approach to revitalize West Hill. Annexation is ultimately a choice of area residents. The City’s role will continue to be to provide information, work to identify the resources needed to consider annexation, and secure those resources to help make large annexations financially viable.

In 2008 the City and County agreed to work together to jointly fund and conduct resident surveys in its remaining large PAAs. The purpose was to better understand the governance preferences of residents and to understand the satisfaction with and importance of a range of public services. The hope is that the survey results will provide information beneficial for everyone involved in the process: residents, proponents of incorporation and proponents of annexation, as well as the Renton City Council as they consider the response to residents’ requests for annexation to Renton.

The Annexation Brochure answers many questions about annexing to the City of Renton. For additional information about annexation, please call 425.430.6575.

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