Tuesday, July 20, 2010

West Hill Community Public Meeting TONIGHT

The West Hill Community is holding their meeting tonight.  If you have any concerns about annexation or any other issues please try and attend this meeting.  Click the event on the right for time and directions.


  1. FYI- I can not comment on the blog or click on the event to get time and directions on the browser SAFARI. However, I have been able to do both on the browser FIREFOX- that is all.

  2. I attended the meeting because for the first time I saw annexation as an issue on the reader board. My major concern after attending the meeting is regarding fire and police protection. I learned that our fire coverage would be reduced approximately in half from 2 engine and 1 aid car to 1 engine and I didn't understand if there would be an aid car or not. Dave Nelson from fire district 20 explained that they have approximately 2500 calls a year. Of those 2500 calls, 80 percent are for medical help. He also explained that 30 percent of the 2500 come in at the same time and thus require 2 engines or 1 engine and an aid car. This concerns me greatly!!!

    It was also clear that the Renton City representatives could not provide a clear picture of what they would do with the Skyway business area. It was mentioned, however, by at least 2 of the speakers that many of the empty business building are due to the owners own choosing. Perhaps there is a tax incentive for the owners?

    For those that were unable to attend, we were told the meeting had been recorded and was available via the West Hill Community Council.

    I do want to make one other commend regarding the impromptu diatribe by Mark Nordlund who asked to speak when a scheduled speaker did not use up their alloted time. He spoke as a proponent of the annexation. He was an embarrassment to the proponents cause with his accusations of opponent's narrow mindedness. I would suggest that most people were there to obtain as much information as possible so they could make an informed decision unlike Mr. Nordlund's own narrow mindedness.

    Lastly, it was explained that the Mayor of Renton and the City Counsil would make their decision by August 13 as to whether or not they would go forward to putting annexation on the ballet for all of us to vote. If they decide to put it forward, we would vote on it in either 2012 or 2013. Prior to the vote (approximately 6 months prior) the City of Renton and King County would put together information to answer all the questions we have right now. Regarding the police and fire protection issues, I would encourage everyone to contact the mayor of Renton and/or the city council members to voice your concerns and opinion.

    I hope this has been helpful. Pam on Lakeridge