Friday, August 6, 2010

Let Renton City Council know how you feel about being Annexed.

Thanks Phil,

On the evening of Aug 2, Renton City Council postponed their vote to decline
to place the issue of West Hill annexation before voters.

The annexation planning process has bypassed the Lakeridge and Bryn Mawr
communities.  The planning has been flawed in many respects. The lack of
evidence that the boundary review committee advertised and posted notification of
hearings suggest that they potentially violated federal and state notification procedures.

Let Renton City Council know that you would appreciate any concept of annexation
be delayed until a more open process of notification be established and the
planning can be shown to provide levels of fire and police protection at least
at the current level. As an example of one problem, for the proposed plan, the
increase in response time for fire equipment coming from south of Grady road should the
capacity at Station 20 (Skyway) be reduced, as has been suggested,
will increase the risks of fire and raise your home insurance costs.

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